new to droid please help


Jan 3, 2012
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so i just got a OG droid or droid 1 and i cant figure out how to turn off my keypad tones. it gets annoyin when im texting and hearing the ting ting ting noise. ive already went to the sound menu and turned off keypad tones or watever and still didnt make a difference. please help.
Welcome to Droid Forums!! You should be able to turn it off under the keyboard settings. Go into Settings > Language and Input (something like that) and look around in the settings there.
sweet. thank you very much! the other android forum had this question up for 3 days and no one posted to help me so decided to come here and aparently im here to stay. very good site. thanks
Glad we could help you so quickly, we have a very friendly and helpful community here. Happy to hear we added one more :)