New to Droid 2, and smart phones in general


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Oct 13, 2010
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yup, finally retired the old star trek flip phone and bought myself a Droid 2, so far I love it, but still have a lot to learn to take advantage of the plethora of functions, apps, and widgets! Anyways, looking forward to leaching knowledge from all you smart phone experts:). Thanks!
:welcome: to the Forum and Congrats on the Droid 2
Thanks! Still not quite up to speed on it but getting there! So far it is quite the productivity tool(unless I am browsing facebook all day haha)
:welcome:to the forums. We have a really great Droid 2 section that you should check out. I am sure you will find useful information there about your new phone. To get there, click on the Forum tab above and scroll down until you see the Droid 2 section. Enjoy and welcome