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Dec 3, 2014
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I got my first smart phone about 2 weeks ago, a Droid Turbo, to replace my old flip phone. I had never really planned to have a smart phone until we bought a Nissan Leaf electric car and I found that I could get an app that would allow me to communicate with the car for charging status, etc., and another app to give more information about the battery and other car info. The first phone I used for those was given to me and didn't have phone service, just wifi, but I learned how much info I could get with it, so when my son (whose phone plan we are on) finally convinced me to replace my old phone, I decided to go whole hog and get the Droid Turbo. I am learning a lot about it here on the forum and thought I might as well join in case I need more help than I get just reading every one else's questions and answers.
Welcome to Droid Forums @WisJim! We are glad you joined our awesome group! Feel free to pick the brains of our many wonderful Turbo users!

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Nice! Glad to see you moving forward with tech! Just in time too. Cars and phones are becoming more integrated.

BTW, I was in your son's shoes with a majority of my family members. It's alright though. We understand ;) Feel free to ask anything. It's what we're here for.
Welcome to the forum and the world of integrated Android

Support Our Troops !!!
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Welcome to the forum. Smartphones have replaced the need for a laptop for me. I'm still pretty amazed at exactly what all they can do. Enjoy your stay.
Congrats Jim and welcome to the forum!
This is the place to come and ask questions. We all need help now and then.... Have fun !!