New; Thinking about Eris, but i do not fully understand this website. Please explain!


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Mar 18, 2010
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Hey! Name is AKU. Those are initials for my real name... i know what ur thinking... yes its that one black evil dude from that one cartoon.

I have a question about the droid phones. I plan to get a new phone in 2 weeks and i have finally decided on the Eris, but my friend got the motorola droid and showed me this website. Now from wat im seeing, this website seems to favor the motorola one and the hacks/apps are made for that phone specifically. im still wondering if the hacks under "droid hacks" will work for the Eris or are there just certain ones that will work for the eris?. ie: wireless tether, swpye, custom themes, games, overclocking, ect.

Short and sweet version:
Are the hacks in this website majority for the motorola droid, or all the droid os phones. ie: eris.

The Eris is currently running 2.0.1(I believe) so the only apps that run on that OS version will work on the stock Eris. If and/or when it gets a 2.1 update then those apps will work on it also. I believe that's how the app function works.

Edit: Some apps I've looked at say they only work on Android 1.6 or lower. So the functionality may be more of a case to case basis. Hope that explains it.
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The Eris is running Android 1.6. Most hacks are for the Moto Droid. The Eris just got rooted like 2 days ago. IMO get the moto you'll be happier I promise.
Hey, why the Eris? The Eris has a top score of about 2.5 Mflops processing power. Now on the Motorola Droid, it's around 13. That's a lot more power. Mainly, people focus on the Droid here because it's a better phone. Also, if you are getting the Eris because of the price, check out Amazon Wireless which has it with new contract or upgrade existing for $50 instead of $200,
Welcome, AKU! Droid over Eris all the way - if you're into hacking or rooting at all, you'll be much happier with the Droid! Trust us...