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Apr 4, 2011
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Ok so just as the title sez i need help with installing new themes to rubix 2.0.1... the rom it self is awsome... i love it, fast and batt life is way better than i got with liberty. but the only thing i have a problem with is that everytime i try to install a new theme i get stuck in bootloop. ive tried using gummy 2.5 themes and sum of the fussion one that i hear ppl say work. i even tried a liberty 1.5 theme to amuse myself... but no matter what i do i get bootlooped. can sumone pls help me figure out what im doing wrong? Oh the ADW themes work fine. thats what im using now. could that be the problem?
Well are the themes your installing through the Theme Manager or are they Update.ZIP themes? If they are update versions of themes you MUST install a theme made exactly for your rom version or yes... bootloops...
Adw isn't the problem, are you mounting your system and data if it says to in the install instructions? I've installed liberty themes and gummy jar themes with no problem, drod2169 has even said that gummy themes will work great.... try mounting and let me know.

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Ok... so I tried installing frost 2.5 and gala 2.5 and ud 2.5... with and without mounting the sys. And all 6 times I was bootlooped. This is very weird. Now the only questions I can think of are: 1- Do I need to install the DX gummy 2.5 themes or D2? Cause I been doin D2 themes.... and 2- when do I install them? B4 I do the DX to D2 port thing or after... I've been doing the port to D2 and then installing D2 gummy 2.5 themes. Is that backwards? And thoughts will be helpful. And I'm not using adw to install. I'm going thru boot.

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