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Jul 19, 2010
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Anyone here interested in tattoos and other body modifications? A new community has just been started for modified peeople RAN by modified people! Come check it out @!!!

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I love paint.. got a few (5 myself but I found tht doing things in a drunken state is bad.. need to have 4 removed and then love to get a full back and sleeve done >:)
Just a FYI.. this thread is fine to have as it is off topic in the off topic forum. However if anyone wants to post pics of their ink. Please make sure that only appropriate ones are posted. As this is a family friendly forum. Thank you in advance for your understanding.

Not a problem! I'm actually a tattoo artist and piercer out of NJ and a new owner of a D1 as of a month ago.. Kinda annoyed I didn't look into it more with all the new phones that just came out but happy with it!

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As long as the link goes to a Family Friendly page........
Our new droid emoticon tattoos

Hi :icon_eek:Im new here but wanted to share my husband and I's new droid emoticon tats!:icon_ banana::)