New [ROM] Vicious MIUI 4 for the Galaxy Nexus by DroidVicious!


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Oct 6, 2011
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Galaxy Nexus users! Finally it has arrived! A fully working version of MIUI for your device is here thanks to developer "DroidVicious" who actually brought the first build of MIUI to this device a week after it was released! He has been working feverishly to get all the bugs and kinks ironed out. He has finally released a version of this Rom that he himself is proud of. Which is saying alot as we all know that most developers are hard on themselves and are pretty much pure perfectionist. This Rom has finally reached daily driver status or atleast on my phone it has :)


If you are familiar with MIUI then you know that it is one of the most customizable roms around. It has endless options for customizing things like wallpaper, themes, notifications, bootanimations, screen transition animations and lots more. This rom is one of the most recognizable as it is totally unique. Some Android enthusiast don't like it because of it IOS look and feel, while others enjoy the fact that being that it is totally customizable you can actually take away all IOS features and make this thing look and feel like an AOSP android rom. Vicious has also included lots of custom mods and tweaks to this build to enhance the performance!

The list of what is working here is well pretty long since 99% of everything is working with out flaw. Calls, Call audio, data, sms, mms, adb, wifi. Some included extras are modded softkeys to include menu button, wifi tether, usb tether, creating folders, adding apps to folders, resizeable widgets, and more. The only thing that is not working 100% is the themes app, you can take and change any one customization ie wallpaper, bootanimation ect, but if you try to apply the theme as a whole it will not work due to the screen size. Overall this is one of my favorite roms.

Grab the Rom here! Make Droid Vicious feel welcome in his Dev SubForum here!


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Apr 19, 2011
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i loved this on the Dinc i had.

just have one question before flashing this.

i've tried miui on the DInc and Droid 2. i remember on the Dinc i could do group mms (group chat) but it wouldnt work on my droid 2. Anyone know if it works on the gnex version?