NEW [ROM] TouchSen$e 1.0 Jelly BeanV for The Galaxy S 3!


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Oct 6, 2011
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Here is a neat looking Rom for your Galaxy S III. The TouchSen$e Rom by developer "Miller6386" brings some of the look and feel to your Galaxy S III without loosing any of the functionality of Touchwiz! The Rom is based on Stock Touchwiz Jelly Bean VRBLK3, and all of the Verizon Bloat has been removed! Some custom modifications include a 4 in 1 Power menu with full reboot functionality. It also includes the 5x6 app drawer and the 4x5 launcher so you can squeeze even more apps on to your screens. Annoying Wifi notification and GPS Icons have been removed. This Rom also includes a Heavy Sense Theme which includes Sense 4+ icons. Some other custom mods include Note 2 Gallery and Camera with modded icons, Modded notification icons for gmail and messaging, use volume keys to skip tracks, press home key twice from lockscreen to turn on flashlight, Sense themed 15 toggles.


This is the initial release, but there is only one known bug (setup wizard crashes due to no Stock email app). There is a fix in the works for this but other than that this looks to be a unique and solid rom. This is great for those of you eyeing the DNA, but still not ready to give up your GSIII.

Grab the Rom and Discuss here!