New [ROM] Rezound CleanRom GBE v1.6


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Oct 6, 2011
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Rezound Users! Another Rom graces your device thanks to CleanRom developer "Scrosler" of ScottsRoms! CleanRom is a cleaned up version the Verizon Stock Rom with minor features and enhancements. This Rom is not themed but maintains the stock look and feel. This Rom however is fully De-Odexed for increased snappiness, and includes updated HTC and Google apps. It has been built on the official Verizon OTA 2.01.605.11.


This Rom really has been cleaned up and polished. A list of what has been removed includes Adobe Reader, Block Buster, NFL, Golf, Kindle, Slacker, Polaris Office, App Sharing, FaceBook, Flicker, NFS, MY Verizon, VCast Music, VCast Video, Video Surf, VZ Nav, Back Up Assistance, Scan, Twitter, Footprints, Mobile Instant Messenger, Tasks, Watch, Printer This thing is completely Debloated. I bet you didn't realize how much crudware your phone comes with!

This Rom also includes some useful custom features such as Tweaks to improve performance and battery life, swype, es File Explorer, Baked in Wifi tether and VZW hotspot apps, battery icon with percentage mod, 4-in-1 power menu including reboot options, extended quick settings, No location icon, and more! This Rom looks pretty slick overall.

Grab the Rom and discuss here!