New [ROM] Finally ICSourcery is here for the Galaxy Nexus!


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Oct 6, 2011
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If you have had your Galaxy Nexus since day one like me or maybe even just release week or month you may be getting a little bored with the dev scene. AOKP has really taken off on the GNEX and alot of its features are finding their way into other roms. Tons of dev work has been done on this device and pretty much all of it has been AWESOME, but if you are a crackflasher like me chances are you have tried out most of them and they all share bits and pieces from each other. In fact the main differences in most of these Roms are the Kernel used and the developer's custom performance mods and tweaks! Ok so after all that you are expecting me to announce something totally unique right... well I am sort of.. Introducing ICSourcery. This Rom has been long awaited. The team announced their development the week of release and we finally have a v1.0 build! I will say that this Rom does borrow from other popular roms IE CM and AOKP but also includes some other unique and innovative features as well!


This is obviously an ICS Rom. It is built from the Clean Android 4.0.3 Source! This Rom includes lots of mods that you may be familiar with from other roms such as improved scrolling cache, increased zygote preload (for faster boot times), adb over wireless network, increased speaker volume, pulse notification colorpicker, 180 degree rotation for upside down viewing (you'd be surprised how often you use this), quad and octo lockscreen targets, disable bootani, miui battery bar, long press volume wake, screenshot option from power menu, vzw app compatible, reboot menu w/hotboot, pulldown toggles with LTE, custom nav bar controls, center clock and other clock mods, decreased wait time for screen rotation, and many other settings!

Some ICSourcery Rom specific mods include power button for camera button (SCORE!), Searchlight app, Magic Hat Settings, slide explorer (file manager app), custom Kernels, mods, app, bootanimations, and themes, change transition animations, change boot animations, change fonts, change kernels, apps manager, extra themed apps, push notifications, theme manager (a gnex first), softkey mods, overclock settings, terminal emulator, and to many other things to list here!!

You do not want to miss out on this Rom! This will be my next Rom. It looks to be a game changer. I know I have been excited for it's release!

Grab the Rom here and discuss!


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Dec 22, 2009
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looks like some cool features. ill be sure to give it a try later on today