New [ROM] DroidX2 GB 2.3.4 Molten V2


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Oct 6, 2011
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DroidX2 users! Introducing the Molten Rom v2 by Developer “Ryman222” This is a super clean stock modified rom with a Gingerbread Theme and lots of custom goodies! This Rom is Deodexed, Debloated, and has most Blur Removed! It is based on 2.3.4 with the next update supporting 2.3.5! This thing is super snappy and fluid.


This Rom is full of custom mods and goodies, apps have been replaced with their AOSP or ICS counterparts, the blur launcher has been chucked out in favor of your choice of Launcher 2 or ADW launcher. The market has been changed to the 3.3.11 version. Roboto font has been added, as well as multitouch hack (5 points), and SQLite3. Fugu Tweaks, and other scripts and tweaks are included for enhanced performance as well.

Version 2 features lots of custom mods such as 1% increments, ICS bootanimation, Molten Wallpaper app, Nexus Prime audio files, Screen Grab from the Atrix port, D3 camera, Transparent widgets, and Toggle widgets in the notification bar. It also features “Molten Settings” Like CmParts which adds even more customization options like app settings, screen display settings, performance settings, Lockscreen mods, Dev Tools, Spare Parts, Screen Grabs, Wall Papers, and “Wii Control Settings” + much more! Overall this Rom Looks pretty Solid!

Grab This Rom and Discuss Here!

I know this is a pretty old topic, but I am helping my friend at work. He got a phone from his son that is rooted with Molten and it looks and works great. The only issue is that he uses the phone to tether his galaxy tab when he goes on sales calls. We work in the advertising department of a newspaper and sell ads on a local website as well. It appears that his phone has an adblocker built in so that when he tethers, the ads on the website don't show. It isn't on the tab, because if we connect the tab to another data connection, the ads load normally.

I advised him against flashing a new rom, since the one he is using is so clean and stable, however, I cannot for the life of me figure out how to tell his phone to display ads. Is this a setting in the rom that can be changed? If it is an additional app on the phone, I could not find it, though I didn't try to put titanium backup on to look around.