New Report Suggest Note 8 Will Launch In August!


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Oct 6, 2011
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We know for sure that Samsung will be releasing the Note 8 later this year. Other than that Samsung hasn't divulged many other details. Early reports suggested a display embedded fingerprint scanner which looks unlikely now. We still expect the device to include an infinity display, Snapdragon 836 processor, and dual lens camera setup.

Earlier reports suggested a September launch. New reports however are suggesting that the phone will be launched as early as August. With Apple launching the next iPhone in September Samsung may be looking to get a jump on the competition. At this point I am really missing the Note series so I would be glad to see it return sooner than later.

via TheBell


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I would really hate to see the fingerprint sensor on the back.

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Two more months! Not sure how I feel about fingerprint scanner on back. I am used to it on front of my N5 but others have reported loving having it on the back. Guess we will find out in a couple months.

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