New [RECOVERY] Touch Recovery Droid bionic


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Oct 6, 2011
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Touch Recovery has been all the rage lately beginning with the Team Win Recovery Project followed shortly be the release of the Touch Recovery by Unstableapps for the Galaxy Nexus which made a once clunky and very difficult to use clockworkmod recovery actually usable. Pretty soon Koush picked up on the need or want for the Touch based clockworkmod recovery and released an official version of his own. Now thanks to developer "Dhacker" we now have Touch based clockworkmod recovery on the Droid bionic! The new touch bootstrap is super easy to use you just drag up and down to scroll and the menu options become buttons. This is much easier than clicking through list with the volume rockers.

In this version you will not be able to use any physical buttons or even the capacitive buttons as it will cause the clockwork to freeze up and will require a battery pull. It should also be noted that this works perfectly if you are running stock gingerbread or a gingerbread rom. I installed this on Axiom AOKP which is an ICS rom. I was able to get into clockworkmod recovery but the touch functions didn't work and when I rebooted the phone i ended up in a bootloop which i was able to get out of thanks to the handy fastboot files. I then installed it on a fresh install of gingerbread and it worked perfectly. If you are brave enough to try this on an ICS rom just be sure to have the fastboot files ready. This should all be ironed out in later builds.

Via DroidHive

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