New phone?


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Jan 9, 2011
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hermitage, pa
Unfortunately I think my old galaxy nexus is getting close to dying (just lots of random, unexplainable issues), and I was just curious what the best new phones are these days. I'm currently on verizon but will probably switch to t-mobile so I can have unlimited data (which is pretty much a must for me). The main things I'm looking for are how fast the phone is and how reliable it is as far as having few or no bugs. Battery life isnt a big issue since I'm usually near a charger and a good camera would be nice but not necessary. Also it must have at least some customization possibilities via rooting (I do like working on making my own kernels and roms sometimes)
So far the phones that look to be the best fit are the HTC M8, samsung galaxy s5 and samsung galaxy note.
I know all 3 are great phones, but I'd like to hear from people that have actually had or used them before, and I'm also open to suggestions :biggrin:
You can't go wrong with either the M8 or S5.
Started with Note 2 and then moved to Note 3 the first week of availability.

Not for everybody because of screen size. For me it resulted in giving away my IPad and Nexus 7. I consume all media on my phone and I do a massive amount of reading.

I am also addicted to the S pen because I can joy notes throughout the day with almost no effort.

Lastly, I think you will find that the specs stay competitive even with the most recently released premium devices.

But it is very big!