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Jul 26, 2010
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Currently have Samsung Omnia, customized WinMo 6.1 Rom.. Beautiful, except:

1. Keeps garbling Excel sheets and won't read them after a day or two--so far, unrecoverable.
2. Screen is not bright enough to use phone outdoors on a sunny day-not even in the shade.
NE2 date is 8/21/10 and I am trying to decide among 3 options.
1. HTC incredible.
2. Droid X
3. Wait for Galaxy S or LTE phone

I understand that there are 'Droid apps so I can create, read Microsoft Office Word and Excel documents and sync with my Outlook 2003 Calendar and Task list. I also have a WinMo app that I could not be without. It's called ListPro and I would want to transfer stuff from my Omnia to the new phone, whatever it is. I will be searching and studying the forums here for information before I decide. Looks like a great site with friendly, helpful folks! Good work, guys!
Welcome wtherrell! Hope we can help your decision's a toughy! :) Enjoy!