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Nov 15, 2013
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Hello all,

I live in the US, more specifically the SE region. I bought a verizon samsung galaxy s4 about 2-3 months ago to replace the iPhone. Reason being that I liked all the features of the Galaxy S4, but when i previously owned an android device the market wasn't on par with the iPhone app store. So I was using the iPhone(jailbroken) and saw that they just started to use the ideas of people that had jailbroken their iPhones. Which they created themselves and it was getting harder to untether jailbreak them so I switched back to android. I love my android, ALOT more than my old iPhone. Anyway, just saying hello and that's it I guess.

Welcome to the forum, enjoy.

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Hello and welcome to the forum!
Welcome to the site hope you have a lot of fun it's a cool place. Also, I'm pretty sure I just made the biggest run on sentence ever! Lol

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