New [Launcher] Lucid Launcher Home Screen Replacement App


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Oct 6, 2011
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Home screen replacement apps and custom launchers are a great way to break up the monotony of an aging device. They quickly change the way you use your phone by giving you an all new user interface. Some launchers are gimmicky but the new Lucid Launcher is more compact. Don't let the small size of the launcher fool you. It is still full of features, but it maintains the speed and performance that you get by replacing your OEM launcher. Lucid Launcher allows you to add unlimited widgets to your homescreen. Other custom features include favorites sidebar with intro animation, search bar, many customization settings, full functional web browser inside launcher, custom search text, widget support, separate landscape and portrait home page layouts, snap grid or free homepage, page transitions, background playback on browser, foreign language support, and much more.

The launcher is simple enough that you can run it without issues on older devices. This launcher has seen several updates since its initial release and is no longer in Alfa. Most of the bugs have been worked out, but Lucid is still in Beta and it is still not ready for release to the masses. You can grab this launcher from the source link below.

via XDA