new here, jus thought id introduce myself


Jul 28, 2010
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hey guys im new here jus thought id introduce myself, i just got my moto droid a few months ago and so far its the best phone ive ever had, before this i had an HTC tilt 2 with windows mobile, i thought that phone was AWESOME, untill i lost it on a rollercoaster at busch gardens and got my droid, now i have no idea why i thought my tilt2 was so great, droid is by far the best phone ive EVER had, and i will never buy any non-android phone ever again haha

soon after i got my droid i rooted it and installed bugless beast V0.4 and thought it was pretty good but since then ive installed Lithium Mod and so far i think thats better than BBV0.4, still trying to get down the ins and outs of how android works though, im going to school for computer programming so have a fairly good understanding of how programs, roms and OS related things work