New game: JellyBalls

:shocked: Are you saying YOU'RE the dev?!!! HAY!!! :cus: no fairs!! Ain't no way I could beat yur high score!!!

Come on, I have been working on this game for six moths and now when there finally is reason to play, I can't? What a cruel world ;(
Is there a way to pause the game? Someone was trying to talk to me today and I couldn't find a way to pause it. I see what looks like a pause button on top right corner but nothing happened when I pressed on it.

You passed my high score :cus: but it doesn't count becuz I was watching football! :rofl3:

Just tap the menu button and it pauses the game.

@the dev. I still would appreciate you looking into allowing the notification bar to show. I need to keep track of my cpu temp. My phone gets pretty hot while playing. Thanks!

Well I was watching football and being interrupted with my roommate talking to score should of been
@Corinacakes - congrats on the 1st place! I'm going to spend some time today playing the ceiling mode, so beware! ;)
Beside the funny name this game is sweet. I've got in trouble once at work already for playing this instead of working. Thanks!:)
@Basil - haha I'm really glad you like it!

BTW - there was an update yesterday, 11 new levels in the classic mode. Have fun:)