[games] PUBLISHED: Classic Arcade Crazy Tilt Challenge


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May 2, 2012
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[games] MAME & NEO-GEO emulator with online leaderboard


DOWNLOAD "Crazy Tilt Arcade Challenge":

MAME & NEO-GEO emulator with online scoreborad, featuring new input method for mobile devices and new gameplay elements for classic arcade games. Includes many changes to core MAME video and input systems making it faster and much smoother than other arcade emulators on the market.

Along with presenting new ways to play old games on your mobile we also aim to make it compatible and easy to use with real arcade cabinets, allowing you to turn Android phone or tablet into arcade game PCB by connecting it to a bigger display and actual arcade controls, console gamepads or mouse/keyboard.

--- CRAZY TILT(tm) ---
New input system for mobile devices utilizing accelerometer, unlike any sensor input other mobile games or emulators use. If you think sensor control is clumsy, unresponsive and completely unsuited for arcade games prepare to be surprised and say goodbye to awful touch-screen controls.
Many games play like they were made for this (see video), with some practice of course, some games like Star Wars play even better than with ordinary joystick, and then there are some surprises... Track & Field, run by shaking the phone!

--- CRAZY SCORE(tm) ---
On-line world wide scoreboard, for all. Records are also shown in-game and there are extended scoreboards you can access via menu, so for the games that originally only store one high-score they now have full scoreboard all together with initials. Leaderboard also features individual accounts, virtual tokens and global ranking. How high can you try?
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Updates - what's new: *** Changed default options and auto frame-rate algorithm to achieve overall better results across testing platforms. Game speed is now set to PAL (50Hz) and Frame Rate to AUTO, but for best results try other options and manual settings. *** MENU->Help now contains more useful information. *** Increased press delay to make game menu easier to navigate. *** Made it clear "tokens" are not real money. Competition, scores submission and everything else is free, for all.