New EyconTroller App is available


Nov 14, 2009
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Remember the leaked press releases on the Droid X that showed the EyeconTroller? The app has been available for a month or so in the market, but it was pretty much useless. They just came out with a newer version, but it is not an update. You have to delete the one you have (well you don't have to, but easier if you do) and download the version that is .99cents. This one does not require a PC manager to run. It is completely different. If you download the .99cent one and do not delete the other one, you will have both apps on your phone.

This version actually works. I have tried it with both Twonky and PS Media Center on my PC and it has pushed AVI's to both my Popcorn A100 and WDTV Live. For MKV's, I am able to do it with PS3 Media Server only to the Popcorn. These are things that can be worked out with future releases. Overall you can really see the promise of this app.

To see video demos and other info visit the website at DO Not download the PC Application that is on the top right of the site. They also have stuff on youtube.

Also, I am not affiliated with the company at all. Just liking the software.