New Every Two / BB Pre-Order

i had an issue that i just got sorted today.. i had downgraded to a dumb phone in the summer, thinking i could live without the data plan (false!), and switched back within the 30 trial period. long story short, when i switched back to the blackberry, it restarted my new every two plan... i was under the impression that it would go back to my original plan (and upgrade date), but such is not the case. they fixed it, but the moral of the story is to ask a BUNCH of questions before you do anything with your account at verizon. they are good folks, but they may not give you all the details every time.
Well i've been told, not sure if it's true or not, that the new every 2 program is tied into your main contract and how much you pay monthly. So say you have your primary phone at 99.99 for 900 minutes, in reality your only paying a small fee to have that second line on the account, which is 9.99. But take it for what it is, merely what i've heard. We do have a forum member that works for verizon i believe, maybe he can explain in detail about it.

I'm not sure why that would effect BB's ability to honor the NE2 discount.

I have a family plan myself and only 1 phone on the account gets the NE2 discount (as far as i know), and that's the phone I'm trying to upgrade. (just fyi, maybe we can have a VZW employee comment)

didn't mean that would effect why they wouldn't honor it, merely that is why you would get it on one line and not the other, unless i misread it and your saying BB will honor yours on one line but not the other.
also...if you're a vip customer on verizon, you get 25% off of your accessories not sure if that's just if you order online or not.

and you can make an appointment with a verizon store???????????????? i was going to order online!!!! (because i have to re-up my contract with changes and phone reps can't take pre-order for it.)