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Mar 23, 2010
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New Hampshire
Hello fellow Droidites. (was that too cheesy?)

I've owned my Droid for 10 days now. I've switched over from a G1 on T-Mobile. Didn't really like the coverage I got living in the New England area with T-Modile.

Overall the coverage is better on Verizon, though ironically enough it's pretty crappy in my house (had no issues with T-Mobile in the house), but I've set it up to use VoIP to take care of that.

I've also already rooted, overclocked (1.1ghz stress tested and no issues for 3 days now), and updated my Droid to Android 2.1 (Adamz's Smoked Glass ROM). My G1 was rooted and modded soon after I got it as well. Thinking of putting a linux distro on that at some point, though for now I'm focused on tweaking my Droid.

I'm really loving these forums. Tons of info here, just been reading and reading for a few days now. Finally decided to introduce myself. I can already tell this is going to be my number one stop for Droid info moving forward.
Welcome! This is a fabulous site to learn and share information about our Droids. The rooting is so much fun. Hope you have as much fun as I've had.

Welcome to your newest obsession, jRaskell! Glad you've decided to join us here on the forum! Enjoy!