New breed of cell phone protection


Jan 12, 2012
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So guys and gals a good friend of mine owns a auto body shop and is a "Rhino lining" authorized dealer and does the spray on application and he is amazing at it... So I was there the other day and he was showing me the colors and different textures that he can do.. I got to thinking............... Smoke finally cleared and I said.. "Can you make that thin enough to spray through your air brush gun" Yeah, I'm sure why??? Rhino lined cell phone???? What do you guys think???? He wanted to try it on my Gnex right then and there but I said beat it... lol. I need to get my hands on a donor smart phone like a Evo and spray the back and sides.. I think it would be one tough phone... And he is like a surgeon with a air brush gun.... Any other suggestions for a new breed of cell phone protection????

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