New boy on the block...SkiTramp. So far have a love/hate relationship with new Droid


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Jan 7, 2010
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Hey Community! Glad to be onboard! I'm a one-week newbee to my Motorola Droid and love my new phone.......up until it makes me nuts! Then sort out the "nuts" and move on. So far, I've been able to solve most of my disasters myself and will be glad to offer help. But here's one that I just can't seem to solve...and thus i found you! do I temporarily turn off my POP3 email sync??? When I'm working at my laptop, I don't need to have duplicate emails arriving on my Droid. I've tried it all....turned off Auto-Sync....turned off Background Sync....installed Quick Set and turned off sync from there....and nothing works...I keep getting my emails on the Droid. Someone suggested turning the "Email Check Frequency" to NEVER....but I have five accounts and that is a bit tedious each time I want to turn emails on or off. Does the K-9 app help with this? Any other suggestions? Please understand that I'm not talking about NOTIFICATIONS, but rather the actual process of receiving emails. I'll put this notice in the forums, but I'm not sure which category I should use. Droid hugs all around! Casey