Having a Love/Hate Relationship with My New Droid X!


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Jul 20, 2010
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Hello Everyone -- just wanted to introduce myself and talk a little about my experience so far with the Droid X. I am coming from Blackberry, which I've used for nearly the last 10 years. Moved to the Droid X because of all the wonderful things I'd read about it. I'm enjoying it but it is HUGE learning curve for me and I'd considered myself a pretty quick study before getting it.
I almost went back to the Storm (was going to get a S2 instead of my old S1) but after playing with it in the Verizon store and having it freeze up on me I thought I'd better stick with the X. :)
So far my biggest challenges are the inability to change the font (my eyes kill me after looking at this thing - gonna have to get readers) size and type for most of the email and not getting emails quickly enough but getting several of them all at one time rather than instantaneously like I did on my BBerry. Are there any other BBerry converts who are feeling my pain?

I also don't know how to get the LED lights to signal me for certain things as it seems you have to deal with notifications in each different application and I haven't gotten used to that yet. Love Handcent SMS but can't get it to light up when I get a new text.

Anyway, glad to be in this group and thanks for the forum and feedback!dancedroid