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Apr 7, 2010
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"Netflix has always been something of a fickle beast, lavishing treats upon just one platform at a time, but now that iOS, Windows Phone 7 and every game console under the sun are streaming its video, the firm's finally turned its gaze on Android. Come early 2011, Netflix will appear on "select Android devices," according to the company's official blog, which also promises a "standard, platform-wide solution" for Android in the unspecified future. What took so long, and why will Netflix be limited to particular handsets when it first rolls out? "The hurdle has been the lack of a generic and complete platform security and content protection mechanism available for Android," says the blog, stating piracy concerns. Apparently content holders aren't too keen on making movies available unless devices have DRM baked right in, so the solution is equip new phones with padlocks one at a time. Expect next year's high-end Android devices to have "Netflix" as a nice big bullet point.

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Its about time they start mentioning Netflix coming to android devices.

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This news has brighten my night. I can now sleep the entire night through. =>

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Netflix will have another subscriber when this is released for Android. I want more of The Office and Married with Children than I can handle.
I just hope droid is one of those "supported devices". I honestly feel that Netflix is bsing us... their are several major applications that are streaming content for pay. Maybe this is just a stall tactic becuase their seems to be a lot of user complaints to netflix. lol look at netflix's facebook page when they announced WM7 app... full of just android users.