Need to find leather carry case that will hold Droid wrapped in a hardshell case


May 24, 2010
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New York
This question is actually for my Droid 2 but figured since they are nearly the same dimensionally as the Droid 1 the question would be better asked to the currently more abundant population of Droid 1 users. I bought a carry case and accessories off of Ebay for my D2 and the case is perfect assuming I leave the D2 naked but I can see it will not be thick enough to accomodate the D2 when its wearing a hardshell case. Its going to be way to tight if it will fit in at all. Any recommendations as to what leather carry cases definitely are large enough for to accomdate a D2 with wearing a hard case. Anyone own any of the other common Ebay ones out there that work with their D1 in a hardshell case. Below is the one I bought for reference and I do not want to try ordering another another until I know for sure which one will work.

CAR+WALL CHARGER+LEATHER CASE for MOTOROLA DROID 2 A955 - eBay (item 370419200565 end time Aug-18-10 17:02:55 PDT)

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Droid X pouch

I also needed a pouch for my Droid 2 with hardcase. Verizon recommended the horizontal Droid X pouch. I bought the pouch and it fits very well.

Hope this helps.
Even Nokia also providing leather case.Wear-and-tear-resistant case provides better protection from scratches and dings.TomTom ONE XL Leather Carry Case is also good choice.