need help depretly


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Mar 24, 2012
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i recently had to reinstall umbutu and lost the md809-2.3.5.sbf file i have look tiredlessly for it i can not find it i have tried the 810 but that does not work to do my phone back to milestone x i can not even find the original file to turn my phone back to the 621 update anyone got this file can e mail me it please to please please please even if it is the orginal droid x file i am currently running on another droid x android version 2.3.5 milestone x i do however have the mms issue and can not find the post that fixes that either dang me any help would be greatly appreciates i am such a dummy for not saving the file to a usb drive i had to change to the other phone cause the pold droid x will not boot back uop i have to sbf it the dang thing help me please