Need help choosing a phone!

Verizon uses sims... and if you buy off contract you should be able to unlock with your carrier.

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Oh really? Would they let you buy it, and allow you to unlock it? cause dont you need the code.. plus i dont think verizon takes sim card.. do they
Once you buy it from them full retail I'm pretty sure you're not obligated to activate on their network. Then again I've never heard of a customer from another carrier buying a phone from Verizon at full retail to try and activate it on their network. And all LTE phones on Verizon use a SIM card. Not sure what code you're talking about either.

If you want to go that route of trying to activate a carrier exclusive phone on your network I would try going the used phone route. Check out CL or Swappa.
Well then, it should be pretty expensive. But what I mean is that I hear Verizon is like CDMA, and like T Mobile is GSM... meaning even if you unlock it, it still wouldn't work? (not sure about that) and the code I mean is the code the company usually gives you to input into your phone to unlock it.

If there is a way, can you please explain it?

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Well then, buying a Maxx HD for full price is like ~$700?

So expensive.
Probably around there. Which is why I suggested taking the used phone route, pay about half the price
RSD Lite is a program used to "flash" (install) operating systems on phones.. edited my last post... this all seems like it is more trouble than its worth... I'd look at just buying a on contract phone with T mobile.... they offer the S3 and Note 2 right?

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I'm with GCG.

Since you're not familiar with RSD Lite this is definitely going to be more trouble than it's worth. If I recall, T-mobile has a pretty good selection of phones themselves and both the Note 2 and S3 are great devices. However, if you still choose to pursue this route, you have lots of reading to do and you'll have to get yourself comfortable with the idea of doing so.