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Jul 30, 2010
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I just created this account because I am at work, and have just realized that no one will get into the building today until three. I was supposed to be with the rest of the employess but I am unable to get to them, and my commute is almost 2 hours. I am bored.

As my work computer has heavy filtering I can not get on any rom sites. I just got this Psx4Droid emulator and would very much like to play FF7 while I wait. Can anyone please send me the bios and the corresponding unzipped functioning file of FF7?

I own the game for PS and PC if that bothers you.

If you do you'll have my love forever :)

Please send to:
[email protected]
[email protected]
If you searched hard enough, you can actually get both things on your phone directly...not sure if you can unecm on your phone though
Yea, if the program exists I don't have it or know where to get it. Like I said, it all needs to be done on my phone. I do think I could open the attachment from my email though and put it on as I do have my usb connector with me
Come on guys I know a lot of you have it. Pretty pretty please?
Ok, well i got the bios! I can't seem to find an unzipped and converted FF7 though.
My work computer removed your attachment, I cant download it. As far as i know my phone can't perform the open let alone the necessary operation of the unecm. Is there a way? Thanks for the attempt, but Im pretty sure for this to work i need an attached .bin .pbp .iso to be sent to my email so i can open it on my phone. i dont think my work comp will be able to help at all.
If someone is willing to upload it to dropbox you can dowbload directly to your phone

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