Need a feature-rich, Excel-compatible spreadsheet for Android


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Jun 25, 2013
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I would like to leave my heavy notebook at home in the near future, and use my Samsung tablet instead for editing tables on my way to the office.
I tried out several free spreadsheets (Kingsoft Office, Polaris Office, Documents To Go and such), but I had problems when opening some of my Excel files (formatting losses, shifted objects, missing charts,...), and the features were to limited. I need e.g. syntax highlighting, and, optimally, export to pdf and html - does anyone know a spreadsheet app with these features? I'm of course willing to pay for a good app.
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Ity sounds like you have already used some of the ones I would have suggested. In fact Polaris is the one that seems to display all of my documents correctly. Have the docs you're opening been heavily modified over time?
PlanMaker Mobile

PlanMaker Mobile fits perfectly to your requirements,

it has syntax highlighting (one of several unique features that no other spreadsheet for Android has), and also pdf export.

It has the best import and export filters for Excel IMO, I never had any problems opening xls or xlsx files, or weird formatting, you can go back and forth seamlessly.

You can also convert from one format into another, and one of many format you can convert to is html.

It has everything you expect, get the free trial version on Google Play Store and try it out 30 days, if you like it and want to buy it it, it will cost you less than $8.
Thank you for all the good advice, very appreciated!
I have now decided to buy PlanMaker Mobile after having tested the trial version intensely for a few days. I'm very happy with that app - it has even surpassed my expectations by far. From all spreadsheets I've tried out, it has the most features including these I was looking for, and the best interoperability with Excel.