"My Tracks" Lost Files


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Nov 11, 2009
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Need some help with problems in My Tracks (Google GPS recording app). I have been using the app for a few days on Moto Droid and have experienced two problems.
1) after making several tracks and saving I decided to re-install the app. (did this because of #2) Even though I saved the .gpx files and could see them on the SD card the re-installed app could not "see" them. They are in the dir "gpx" and the track created after the re-install is in there. too. Anyone know why the app cannot load those older track files? Any solutions?
2) When sending finished tracks to Google on the share menu, it will send it to Google Maps but then hangs on sending to Google Docs. App crashes and goes to a "Force Close" error state. Any ideas on what is going wrong?:mad:

Otherwise - fine app and very useful!