My serious HTC Rezound Help


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Jul 30, 2012
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So my phone went out of battery one day, and when i went home i plugged in the charger and it was not charging. I tried different outlets and they didn't work, but when i used the charging function on the USB it worked. When I had it charged I turned it on. I saw the Htc start up Flash once and then it went through the process of like the Beats, and the 4g LTE stuff. When i got to my homepage the phone was really laggy and when I enter my passcode my phone would just shut off. Sometimes it is so laggy I cant even drag the ring up. When I can't drag it up it just shuts off. After it shuts off it restarts and does it over and over again. Please help me with my problem.
This issue has been posted before here. Pretty much you have to boot with the back cover off. I just let it fully boot to the home screen then open something, anything, and put the cover back on. Others, as in the post, have said to go to settings and change from CDMA/LTE to CDMA or vise versa then put the cover on. It's believed to be a radio issue. While I've had it a couple of times it hasn't happened in a several months.

200+ views and no one could tell you this? Really?