My screen lock not remembering my code


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Dec 15, 2010
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So a little while ago my screen lock stopped working.

I go to the screen lock setup page and add in my new pattern and it works for the first time. After the first time of me unlocking my phone its like I never setup a screen lock at all and I'm able to do the process all over again without even entering the previous pattern in.

I've tried with pins, passwords, and patterns with the same result; the device will not remember my screen lock code.

I have a droid2 with the latest version of Android.

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What are the apps you've installed? Read through the comments and see if someone else has reported any similar issues.

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I tried that, and I uninstalled all the applications I've recently installed but the problem continues.

I'm not sure what else it could possibly be.

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Ok. Are you rooted?

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No I haven't rooted it yet.

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Ok. Wanna try a factory reset?

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