Bluetooth in lock screen pull down menu


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Oct 14, 2016
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LG G5 H831
Hi all -

When I add a lock screen pattern/PIN/password to my LG G5, I notice the bluetooth shortcut in the lock screen pull-down does not work. When the shortcut is pressed, bluetooth does not turn on or off but instead, the pull-down disappears, the time/date on the lock screen disappears and the only thing remaining on the lock screen display is the pattern/PIN/password.

Same thing happens with the NFC shortcut.

When I remove lock screen security, the bluetooth and NFC buttons function normally.

Is this a known bug? Anyone else experience this?
Welcome to the forum. That sounds more like an extra security feature than a bug to me.

My Nexus 6P doesn't do that, but it stands to reason that if you've got your device secured with a PIN or pattern (or other) lock, you wouldn't want people being able to connect it to other devices/networks while it's still locked and potentially push software to it that could be malicious or spyware.
Thanks Jonny. Makes complete sense. My previous HTC did not do this either.