My phone memory is missing..Help


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Jul 4, 2016
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xiaomi mi3
Hi there,

Got Xiaomi MI3 with Internal storage 16 GB (no external SD card slot). Phone is rooted, USB debugging enabled & TWRP installed. I tested one MIUI based custom ROM but later move back to stock rom by SP flash tools with original backed files. Now facing problem is, my phone memory is missing. Below is adb "df" result:

root@android:/ # df
Filesystem Size Used Free Blksi
/dev 485M 212K 485M 4096
/mnt/secure 485M 0K 485M 4096
/mnt/asec 485M 0K 485M 4096
/mnt/obb 485M 0K 485M 4096
/system 739M 433M 305M 4096
/data 6G 180M 6G 4096
/cache 124M 4M 119M 4096
/mnt/cd-rom 1M 1M 0K 2048
/protect_f 8M 4M 4M 4096
/protect_s 8M 4M 4M 4096
/mnt/shell/emulated 6G 180M 6G 4096
/storage/emulated 485M 0K 485M 4096

See there phone memory is just around 6.5 GB., which is for system files and data only Until now i know that, in such device, where there is no SD slot, a part of Internal memory has partition as "emulated SD card" which behave like real SD card. So is it a mounting problem?? From ES File Explorer, there is no "0" folder inside storage/emulated folder and I see "SDCard unmounted" message there. I can download & install apps from playstore fine but cannot transfer or create any file in file explorer or use camera or gallery in absence of phone memory. Please help.
welcome , sorry . can not help you

/storage/emulated 485M 0K 485M 4096
This should be your storage.

Are you still rooted? I don't use ES file explorer but I do use Root Explorer.
Non-rooted path - /storage/emulated/0.

So for rooted you should see SDCard folder.