My phone is unable to play music or any video


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Mar 9, 2017
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Huawei Y530
Something happened a few days ago. First i noticed that my youtube was crashing while watching random videos then i couldn't play videos on instagram [the video keeps buffering i guess]. I thought maybe my memory is full so i cleared cache memory but the problem was still there. Yesterday i was going to listen to music and when i clicked play i got this message [kind of. my phone is not in english] "Could not play the track requested." I tried with another song but same problem. I even tried playing songs from my phone not SD but same thing. I reset my phone to factory sett. but nothing changed. I hard reset it after I removed the SD [i thought i might have a corrupted card or maybe some kind of virus on it?] but the problem is still here. Furthermore i noticed that sometimes i don't even have a ringtone or message alert. Just vibration but i'm not on silent mode and i'm using default ringtone.
So what's wrong with my phone? Is it dead? Can i solve this somehow?

Huawei y530