1. J

    Unusual Touchscreen Issue

    I apologize in advance if this is redundant or etc; I only want to describe the problem with as much detail as to be clear & cut down on basic questions... My tablet (cheap blue model) has a tiny chip and a couple of cracks out from there but no major damage. The touch screen was still...
  2. K

    Solved Honor 7 RAM problem

    Hello, I have a problem with ram on my phone. About a week ago, my phone started to slow down. Right now my phone is really slow compared to what it was before... My ram has been really full lately. (I use Clean Master) That's my ram after I cleared it. Before when I cleaned it, it went down to...
  3. T

    Virus infected Tablet - Please Help

    Hi, I have a rather old Android-Tablet (4.1.1), the Phantom gaming-tablet. It is badly virus infected...As soon as I turn WiFi on it automatically downloads lots of bullshit. I can't even untick the box in the settings, that says: "allow uncertified Apps to be installed"...A complete reset of...
  4. J

    My phone is unable to play music or any video

    Something happened a few days ago. First i noticed that my youtube was crashing while watching random videos then i couldn't play videos on instagram [the video keeps buffering i guess]. I thought maybe my memory is full so i cleared cache memory but the problem was still there. Yesterday i was...
  5. C

    Xperia m4 aqua wifi issues

    Hi, Im new in the community I'm having this issues with my xperia m4 aqua: 1. Phone finds wifi connections and appears to be connected with good signal but there is no internet (even at my home or work wifi) 2. Phone doesn't find any wifi connections, and if it does the network appears only...