My Droid X died today - need help picking out a new phone


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Feb 28, 2012
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My Droid X died today somewhat unexpectedly - so I suddenly need some help to pick out a new phone (Verizon). I am honestly completely out of the loop on the new phones... any help would be greatly appreciated. Going 4g, somewhat prefer Motorola only because that is what I am used to. I do email, use some apps, use it for Pandora & Sirius, browse the web, use the GPS and nav etc. Faster is better. A good camera/video is very important (I think they are all about the same?) as the X took surprisingly good videos and pics. I do not really care about batt life or modding the phone.

Looking at:

RAZR - 32mb is better than the 16 right - or is it just the SD card?
RAZR MAXX - is it just a RAZR with good batt life?
Or any others worth looking at??

Sorry if I sound dumb about the new phones - just was not expecting to need one yet...

Any info would be great THX!

Oh - one more thing - my Droid X appears to be refurbished, but I bought it from Verizon under the assumption it was brand new (and paid for a new one). Is this normal?
Okay here my 2 cents. The Razr and Razor Maxx. Both are awesome phones but some have an issue with I think its like gas leaking from the battery and cracking the screen. Don't quote me on it but just a heads up. The Rezound is a pretty nice phone and it is pretty media oriented, especially with its screen, great camera, and beats audio. Its your choice but I would look at the Rezound and Nexus as well. Maybe even the Spectrum.

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