My calendar won't sync up


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Jan 11, 2012
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Tulsa, Oklahoma
I changed from Droid incredible 2 to the razr and I can't get my Fb to sync with my contacts and I can't get my calendar to sync up with my work e mail (gmail) I need help I don't know what to do!

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Found out that the Droid Razr seems to be set to sync with just the phone calendar by default. When you click on a new calendar event look at the very top and it will ask which calendar you want to sync with pick your work calendar:biggrin:
I had the same issue with my DX2 since I did a restore a couple weeks ago. I finally noticed last night that I could choose my gmail calendar when adding an event on my phone. Since the default calendar was the phone calendar, I'd have to choose it each time I added an event on the phone. I also discovered that after disabling the phone calendar on the pulldown menu at the top of the screen, my gmail calendar became the default calendar. Problem solved. I know it's a bit different from your issue, but I hope this helps some.