Music Player and Car Bluetooth


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Apr 24, 2011
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How do you keep the music player from automatically playing when connecting to bluetooth audio in the car?
i use winamp with factory honda bluetooth. the player only comes up if i select BT. otherwise BT is in standby for phone call.
I use poweramp and I do not have this problem with my Sonata. I suggest if you are using the stock music player, maybe look into downloading another player. Or go through your settings to prevent music from automatically playing once connected.
I have the stock player and poweramp. As long as I am listening to the radio no problem. If I set the radio to receive the signal from the Droid X the music player always begins playing. Sometimes the stock player or it could be poweramp. If I close the music player and am listening to a radio feed from the Droid all is fine until I turn off the motor and restart, then the music player begins first all by itself. If I switch back to something like Sirius then back to the Droid then the music player starts again. I have been through every setting in the music players. Can't figure this one out.