music playback sound quality


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Aug 29, 2010
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so i just picked up my droid x yesterday, and today i'm trying to make new ringtones out of songs i dropped in from my pc. i noticed that a couple of the songs i moved sound compressed/slightly distorted.

also, with one song it sounds like the singer's voice is a lot louder than the instruments in the background, and the volume automatically lowers when the song comes out of a transition (i.e., a soft part plays clearly but when the song picks up again the volume lowers to compensate).

all the songs sound perfect on the computer speakers, but a couple cause problems for the droid's external speakers.

anyone else experience this issue?

in case anyone is wondering, there's 3 songs: wish you were here by pink floyd (sounds perfect), complications by deadmau5 (sounds compressed/distorted), and sleepwalker by parkway drive (weird volume issue described above)
How did you get the songs on your x?
i made a 'music' folder in the sd card directory from my pc, then dragged the tracks into that folder
I used windows media player to convert and sync songs. I have 2gbs or so worth of music and never had a problem with any song. While the x can read mp3's just dragged on there some files it might need to change the formatting a little that could be where your problem is.
hmm.. well all the songs i used are in mp3 format..