Music advance when pushing the camera button? Is this possible?


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Sep 3, 2011
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Hi all,

I have a Rooted Droid 2 running the latest version of liberty gingerbread with a custom theme.
My question is, is there any way to program the phone so that when playing music through the music player(standard player that comes with android), if I push the camera button, it will advance to the next song without me having to unlock the screen and stuff.(kinda like how pushing up or down on the volume will lower or increase the music volume while the screen is locked.)

Sometimes I use the phone while working or cleaning around the house or even working out and its a hassle to have to pull it out of my pocket and unlock the screen to push the forward button when I want to skip to the next song. pushing the cam button while it is in the dock or in my pocket would be much easier.

Any one know a way or have an idea?