Multiple Email Accounts?


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May 5, 2010
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I used my gmail account to set up the phone but I don't see it in my mail. I then added my yahoo account which I DO see in my mail folder. My work email is hosted by gmail but isn't Can I add that one? If so, what are the steps to add it? When I tried using the pop/imap option, it said "cannot connect to the mail server to verify your account information." In the next screen it game me a smtp option. I used the address a coworker has on his iphone of and it tells me "Your outgoing server does not support authentication. Please verify your outgoing server settings." What does that mean? Can I add this other address?

If I can add more than one email address, do they all go to the same folder or can I have different shortcuts/icons for the different accounts?
Gmail has it's own app. It won't show up in your mail app (obviously, since you just said that). You can add more than one Gmail account, I'm not sure exactly how, but you do have to have 2.1, any of the leaks. Also you need to set it up through the web to allow this. Google will have pretty detailed instructions.
I see gmail in email

I'm using the default email program on my droid. I added my @gmail account and it shows up fine, along with all my other POP3 accounts.

Incoming settings:
username: your gmail address
password: your gmail login password
IMAP server:
Port: 993
Security Type: SSL
IMAP path prefix: blank (Optional)

Outgoing settings:
SMTP server:
Port: 465
Security Type: SSL
Require sign-in: checked
username: your gmail address
password: your gmail login password