Motorola's obsession with the word "soon"

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Dec 11, 2009
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Rochester, NY
If you haven't heard yet, Motorola has officially released a timeline for when all their android phones will upgrade to 2.1. Unfortunately, "coming soon" is the only thing they can say about the Droid at this point.

How about a conservative estimate, like "by the end of the month", then if it's ready sooner, it will be a nice surprise. Instead we get the gray area of "soon." The same word we were getting back on Jan 6, and I'm just sick of it.
Actually, I'm pretty sure this week has been the first "official" word that we've gotten from anyone about 2.1

So be thankful we got that much....

And there is a thread on this already....
Maybe 'soon' we will stop seeing new threads about 2.1 pop up.
Are you seriously starting yet another pointless thread? They have given a conservative estimate. End of Q1, which means by the end of March. The MODs closed multiple threads with pointless subjects just like this one and hopefully this one is next.
Where? I didn't see any other threads, at least not on this particular development, if you can call it that.
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