motorola xt1080 4.4.4 firmware


Jan 8, 2011
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Gonzales, LA
I had a customer bring in a motorola droid ultra (MT1080) 4.4.4. I changed the battery in the device step by step and it booted up fine at first but wouldnt accept a charge. The device shows that it is charging but the battery level never changed. Now its randomly rebooting and looping at the Motorola M logo. I also noticed the logo has changed colors. It was originally orange but after a few boot loops it turned blue then after a few more it turned white. My best guess is I need to reinstall the firmware. Im familiar with RSD lite and how the process works but every download link for the 4.4.4 firmware it is either 404 or access denied. Any advcice or proper download link would be highly appreciated
The ultra changes the color of the m with every boot... That much I can help you with. But yeah.. It sounds like you have a hardware or software issue..
Well it didnt do it before I changed the battery so I thought it might of been a sign of a Specific problem. Im just having problems finding a legit download link for the 4.4.4 or above firmware for me to flash on RSD lite to see if it is for sure a software issue.
The ultra and maxx 1080, use the same fxz. I have the file but I'm traveling. I can upload it tuesday for you.