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Oct 29, 2009
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With the Moto X+1 rumors heating up and a September 25, 2014 release on Verizon (rumor) is anyone going to grab one?

I still think the Moto X is the best Android handset on the market, so I'm really interested to see what how the X+1 shakes out.
I'm on AT&T but I will most definitely get a Moto phone ...I'm going to wait for the Nexus phone though and really hope it's Moto as per rumors

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I'll wait for initial reviews. If as good as the X then I might buy one. Sept. 25? Does that still fit the "later this summer" promised release? Because I believe that is autumn.
Like BK I am interested in the rumored motorola google team up.

What is weird though is the nexus is normally that manufacturer's featured phone designed to fit the nexus design language. Kind of have me thinking the nexus may just be a slightly larger moto x 1 least I hope so.
For those on vzw who have no option of buying nexus devices motorola is basically the nexus of vzw....sort of.
Yeah Moto is doing it right ...same as HTC with dev unlock ..everyone can enjoy phones ..that's how it should be...Moto X+ will do well and should keep up the solid Moto name ...

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I would love to have another Motorola device, and from the rumors I'd be more than happy with the next version.
I agree with CK, the Moto X is one of the best phones out there. Motorola needs to capitalize on that and make sure that this new X lives up to the name. I like HTC and owned both the Dinc and Dinc 2. But Dinc 2 didn't live up to the name Incredible. It was a decent phone but that was it. I'm not even going to mention the Incredible 4G. I hope Motorola doesn't make the same mistake.
We don't know what influence Lenovo may have over quality and design. Hopefully, Moto will deliver the quality they are known for.
From what I read they've pretty much gone away from that x8 system. Seems they've gone the more "powerhouse" route. Kinda wish they stuck with that x8 system as it does provide a really fluid and almost hiccup-free user experience.
If Lenovo is smart (keyword is if) they do not mess with what works with motorola. If you buy a company then you want to continue to allow the company to do what they do well while improving on their weakness. The weakness of motorola is their cameras and their international presence. Lenovo can push their G & E (the cheaper model) in the international market while allowing the high end to stay high end and capitalize on the momentum of the X. My concern is Lenovo is going to want to cut costs to boost profits so where are thy going to cut it from?
Wow. I haven't had a Motorola phone since the Razr. I have the LG G2(D800) right now, but i'll definitely check out the X+1. If the rumors are true, i can have the best of both with the Nexus6. HaHa.:p
If Lenovo is smart (keyword is if) they do not mess with what works ...

The problem is that no company EVER does that. As soon as this gets handed over to whoever is going to run it the guys in charge have to start tinkering just so they can say they did. Some dude somewhere just has to start "Implementing system XYZ" in an attempt to "...increase production and efficiency by X% saving $X per quarter... ". No one's corporate evaluation has ever said "Kept things just the way they were."
I'm stoked for the new Moto X ... Really interested in the Nexus 6 too being that it's rumored to be a Motorola. But I'm not known for my patience LOL

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