Motorola Teases Something Exciting for Next Week (Feb 25)

I'm thinking this will be something like a chrome cast, or something like the pad phone.. But not for vzw.. But idk.

Interesting timing.. The n6 is supposed to be released on vzw in a few days... I wonder if it truly will be a vzw exclusive variant.. Idk
I wonder who the genius is over at Motorola who thought up the teaser "fits inside one box".

It's like Dodge teasing "something that fits in your garage"
Maybe a moto x ....or even better a Droid Turbo redesigned with a qwerty kb.
I'm with @cereal killer... This is a lame marketing tease..

A light bulb company saying... Together... We'll keep you lit... Co sponsored by Jack Daniels... Just as bad
It could be the "next big thing"...or just a marketing ploy. Either way it has people talking all over the web. Was that the strategy all along? Good advertising for a cheap price?
Yeah.. Same principle as skinny jeans... Same results too lmao
Baaahahahahahaha.. No way.. Gym shorts. Cardio... :cool:
Um.. Why would you wish that upon yourself?? Some people must like pain.. Baaahahahahahaha
"I think we're going to need a bigger box" - Taco Bell Chihuahua