"Motorola Services" is KILLING my battery! (Wakelock/com.motorola.services, etc.)


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Jul 5, 2011
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For the last 3 days, my Droid 3 (with extended battery) went from holding a charge for 15+ hours to about 5 hours. Battery usage indicates "Motorola Services" is sucking the majority of the battery. When I clicked on "Motorola Services" it flashed "*wakelock*" for about 1/2 second. I rebooted and now when I click on "Motorola Services" it flashes "com.motrola.services" for about 1/2 second. Can anyone help?

I haven't installed any new apps; in fact I uninstalled some. I am usually in a good signal area. I updated roaming. Turned off background data and a bunch of the other battery boosting tricks I've read about.

I was FINALLY happy with the phone after months of horrible battery life and now this. :mad:

Any advice is appreciated!
I am experiencing the exact same problem. Would also like a solution.
Did you bypass entering your gmail address for some reason? Recent factory reset?

Upon first receiving my d3 I bypassed the gmail login and my battery was lasting 6 hours with me babying it. Now I get 10 with my normal use after a factory reset and logging in.

It seems that the login service gets stuck behind the scenes if you bypass, waiting for you to return to the original login.

Otherwise it could be a newly installed app, using one of the Motorola services.

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my stock battery is good for me right now. but i dont sync, a few widgets, not a text freak, barely any internet, etc.
If you use corporate sync, try deleting it, doing a battery-pull reboot, then re-creating it.

This has worked for some people.
Go to device setup, then connect accounts. Uncheck Facebook because that is the CULPRIT!!